I am extremely interested in Japanese history and linguistics, particularly the Edo period, hence the domain name. The period of Japanese history from 1603-1868 is known as the Edo period because the Tokugawa clan, having been ensconced in the village of Edo by the then-ruling syphilitic Toyotomi clan, conquered them and established the Tokugawa Shogunate. They decided to stay in small swamp village Edo, making it into the political, economic, and pop-cultural capital of the country (although Kyoto remained the traditional bulwark).

The Edo period is sometimes called the Tokugawa period, which is basically a useless and redundant way to make it harder for people to search for academic articles. The Tokugawas owned Edo and its environs, and Eminent Domained Osaka, Nagasaki, and other large or politically significant cities, into their shogunal fief or tenryou (天領).

The Edo period was characterized by extreme stability and growth. It is often said that it was 250 years of peace, and the particularly obnoxious call it the "Pax Tokugawa". This is not even remotely the case; there were numerous armed insurrections, hilarious international incidents, and all kinds of action going on straight from the start.

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